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LFN Webinar: VPP in your home lab? Yep. Right now.

In this webinar, Audian Paxson from Netgate walks us through Vector Packet Processing in TNSR software while engaging with real-world end-users of the technology.

TNSR Education: Ep.03

Ep.03 covers a high-level overview of TNSR’s software stack, showing where each open source project fits and the contributions Netgate provides back to open-source software.

TNSR Education: Ep.02

In the second episode of our new TNSR Education Video Series we will cover the foundational software features of the high-performance software router TNSR.

TNSR Education: Ep.01

In this first episode of our new TNSR Education Video Series we will cover the basic overview of TNSR software and what makes it a secure networking game-changer.

Case Study: Army Cyber School

USACS came to us with a specific set of requirements: a high-performance, scalable, robust, low-cost, network forwarding and security solution that can efficiently run on commodity hardware already available.

Application Brief: High Speed Site-to-Site IPsec VPN

Learn top to bottom how Site-to-Site IPsec VPNs on TNSR work and perform. With use case diagrams, hard performance numbers, and real-world deployment examples see how TNSR is disrupting secure networking and how it will benefit your business.

TNSR Software Instructional: Configure Interface

Watch this step by step video instructional of configuring your TNSR interface for a 10gigabit connection via the command line. 

Application Basics: Site-to-Site IPsec VPN

Extreme speed. Network agility. Vendor freedom. See how TNSR is setting the network free through high speed site-to-site IPsec VPNs in this simple one-page breakdown.

Customer Applications Overview

Get a glimpse into how some of our customers are using TNSR in their environment to open the throughput firehose, enable fast scale up and scale out, and slash packet processing infrastructure costs.


"High-Performance, Inexpensive NGFW? You must be kidding me." Listen in on Chief Technology Officer Jim Thompson's speech on TNSR as a next-generation firewall.

TNSR Use Case: Cloud Port Mirror

Director of Product Management David Weber breaks down the Cloud Port Mirror TNSR use case. 

TNSR and Fidelis NGFW

TNSR™ as a network mirror port enables security threat detection solutions - like Fidelis Network® - to provide visibility, threat detection, and data loss prevention.

Open Networking Survey Report

Light Reading/Heavy Reading and Linux Foundation Networking are very excited to present the results of a study we executed in collaboration with our sponsors.

TNSR Use Case: Transit VPC

TNSR can be used for high-performance transit VPC. This video explains in detail TNSR being used for transit VPC on Amazon Web Services. 

What is TNSR?

Just what exactly is TNSR? This 3.5-minute video breaks down the basics of what "The Ultimate Packet Processing Solution" really is. 

VPP Simplified

Kernel Processing vs. Vector Packet Processing. This technical document dives into the drastic performance and technological differences between traditional kernel processing and revolutionary vector packet processing. 

TNSR Performance Overview

TNSR is a powerful packet processing platform. We’ve tested it in various application scenarios. View this technical paper to see how TNSR performed in these tests. 

TNSR Data Sheet

Understand the freedoms and major technical features of TNSR that make it fully equipped to transform your network.

TNSR Documentation

This documentation has all the details needed to fully configure your TNSR platform, from the basics of TNSR all the way to the complexities of implementing different applications.

TNSR Supported Platforms

TNSR is a platform for high-speed packet processing, delivered as services that runs on top of an operating system. Currently, CentOS Linux release 7 or later for x86 has been tested by Netgate. 

Platform Overview

Better understand the problems that face the world of networking and how the TNSR platform: the ultimate packet processing solution for secure networking can be everything you are looking for.  

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