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High-performance Software Router

Industry-leading price-performance, scalability, and solution flexibility for all edge, campus, data center and cloud router and site-to-site VPN needs.

Get to Know TNSR

Pronounced “tensor”, TNSR software is Netgate’s answer for businesses, governments, educational institutions and service providers looking for super-scale routing without the six-figure price tag.

Optimize Your Cloud Networking & VPN with TNSR

TNSR software is now accessible on both AWS and Azure, offering the lowest TCO VPN Concentrator available in the cloud, all with unparalleled performance. This deployment offers an innovative approach to high-performance VPN and routing solutions, tailored specifically for cloud environments. With TNSR on AWS and Azure, users can leverage the exceptional speed and flexibility of Vector Packet Processing (VPP) technology, ensuring efficient handling of high-bandwidth and low-latency networks. Ideal for enterprises and service providers, TNSR provides a scalable and flexible solution, perfect for complex cloud architectures, multi-cloud strategies, or extending high-capacity network & VPN functions to the cloud. Embrace the power of TNSR in the cloud for advanced routing, NAT, VPN, and more, all designed to cater to the evolving demands of modern network infrastructures.

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TNSR Software on AWS

Choosing TNSR software on AWS Cloud equips businesses with a formidable tool for enhancing their high-performance networking needs in the cloud. AWS's globally recognized infrastructure, known for its vast scalability and reliability, aligns seamlessly with the advanced routing and firewall capabilities of TNSR. This synergy is especially beneficial for enterprises that demand high-speed data packet processing, sophisticated NAT configurations, and secure VPN implementations within the AWS ecosystem. It guarantees that as your organization's networking demands grow and diversify, TNSR's scalable solutions can adeptly evolve to meet these increasing complexities. Moreover, TNSR's integration with AWS services offers superior network management and visibility. This facilitates compliance with various regulatory standards and ensures the protection of critical data in a fast-paced, high-capacity cloud environment.


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TNSR Software on Azure

Selecting TNSR software on Azure Cloud provides enterprises with a cutting-edge solution for advanced network management. Azure, renowned for its robust cloud infrastructure and comprehensive services, harmonizes effectively with TNSR's high-performance routing and firewall capabilities. TNSR in Azure Cloud is ideal for organizations in need of advanced network functions like high-throughput data packet processing, complex NAT, and secure VPN setups within the Azure environment. It ensures that as your business expands and its network requirements become more complex, TNSR's scalable architecture can adapt to these demands. The integration of TNSR with Azure's cloud services enhances overall network control and visibility. This integration is crucial for adhering to regulatory compliance and safeguarding sensitive information, all while navigating the dynamic and demanding landscape of cloud networking.