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We'll spare you the 'corporate spiel'. We're a diverse bunch, but at our core we're all techies. Computers, cars, sports, music, movies, and memes for everything. That's us. Slack channels are fast and furious. We're global. Someone is always 'at it' - because we have to be. But also because our type of people just want to be. At the same time, we also have families and outside lives. There is a respect for both here at Netgate.


A Day in the Life at Netgate

There is no rigid script to a standard work day at Netgate. People are challenged in new ways each day and we lean on each other to meet our goals. Close collaboration with others is required every day to deliver on the rapidly evolving needs of our customers. That is, all at once, exhilarating and demanding.

You can grow here.

We have a ton of talent and experience for a company our size. We are each challenged by ambitious company, department, and personal goals. Co-workers are quick to provide guidance and unique expertise to one another. We know things work best when we lift one another up.

You can add value here.

We run 'fast and flat’. No time for corporate hierarchy or a ton of meetings. Everyone has the same opportunity to make a difference. Have a good idea? Sell it to stakeholders. Implement it. See its value-add first hand. Good ideas surface from IT, Ops, Dev, Support, Marketing, Sales - across the board. And your contribution will have visibility right to the top.

You can make a difference here.

Our vision at Netgate is that secure networking is a right for all. We are a relatively small company that competes with giants in our space. We provide affordable secure networking solutions typically reserved for large, budget-rich organizations. We believe in democratizing enterprise-grade secure networking. It's more than a job. It's a mission.

We do what's right here.

Our market is highly competitive. Our work is demanding. We strive for success, just like the next company. Yet, we don’t value our own success over doing what is right. We're not perfect. But we try every day to do the right thing for our customers, employees, and community.

Meet Your Teammates

Netgate is a close-knit team of developers, engineers, builders, creators, facilitators. Everyone here has a story. Most of them pretty darn interesting. If you join us, you'll find out a lot about us in our bi-weekly "Two Truths and a Lie" sessions. Oh, those are revealing. Until then, find us on LinkedIn and elsewhere. Don't hesitate to connect!

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Renato Botelho do Couto

Software Engineer

Christian McDonald

Software Engineer

Tony Coker

Director of Channel Sales

Sharon Snyder

Director, Outbound Marketing


A company is only as good as its people. And people have needs well beyond a paycheck. Netgate provides as much lifestyle flexibility and benefit assistance as possible. Sure, we each need to deliver results. But our leadership values compassion, fairness, and freedom alongside of results.


A variety of medical, vision, and dental plans are available for individuals and dependents. Healthcare is not cheap, but Netgate helps defray costs by covering a good portion of the monthly premiums.

Life-Work Balance

Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries. Unexpected events occur. Netgate supports employees with generous PTO, paid holidays, flexible hours, and hybrid/remote work arrangements to help each employee achieve their own life-work balance.

Company Events

We genuinely like to have fun. Our company events include go kart racing, Top Golf outings, cinema rentals for major movie premieres, costume parties and more. Of course, as our employees span the globe, we also have a regular diet of virtual (and often hilarious) all-hands events.

Employee Development

We all need feedback to grow. Netgate takes the time to provide performance and development reviews, dedicated development meetings, and team-specific training opportunities to help each and every employee progress their own career - both here and beyond.

Job Openings

Product Support Analyst

We’re looking for a qualified person to join the Netgate® Global Support team as a Product Support Analyst. This team is a tenacious and dedicated group of professionals strategically located around the globe so to provide a high-level, 24x7x365 experience to our customers.

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