The Netgate Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is a 24x7 operation with a worldwide team of support engineers unparalleled at diagnosing and resolving issues - and fast. From branch office to headquarters, premises to cloud, we’ve got you covered.

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TAC Lite

pfSense Support Options
For Netgate appliances,
AWS/Azure pfSense cloud instances,
or 3rd party hardware
With purchase of Netgate
appliance or CSP instance
TAC Support Hours
Target Initial Response SLA
Email / Support Portal
Telephone Support


pfSense Support Options
For Netgate appliances,
AWS/Azure pfSense cloud instances,
or 3rd party hardware
per year
TAC Support Hours 24/7
Target Initial Response SLA 24 Hours
Email / Support Portal
Telephone Support

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Tac Enterprise

pfSense Support Options
For Netgate appliances,
AWS/Azure pfSense cloud instances,
or 3rd party hardware
per year
Support TAC Hours 24/7
Target Initial Response SLA 4 Hours
Email / Support Portal
Telephone Support

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Support Plan

1Zero-to-Ping - We’ll help get your Netgate appliance, AWS, or Azure firewall connected to the Internet and one connected client online and pinging outside the network.

Business Assurance

Businesses run pfSense Plus software because of its excellent product reputation, rich feature set, proven stability, and phenomenal value. IT personnel are easily trained to install, configure, and operate pfSense Plus software—freeing time and energy for higher order responsibilities. As organizations grow - personnel will move, skill sets will shift, and IT complexity will increase. The last thing you need is a firewall, router or VPN outage that impedes business productivity or revenue - but it can (and does) happen. And, when it happens, fast problem resolution is everything.

A Netgate TAC subscription is the most cost-effective path to business assurance – providing your business with Tier 2/Tier 3 staff for pennies on the dollar. You’ll get immediate access to world-class secure networking professionals who operate on the front line every day with customers just like you. Our expert support staff will get your problem diagnosed and resolved quickly and correctly - giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core business.

  • 67% of our subscribers call on Netgate TAC at least once within the first year of the product purchase
  • 98% of our subscribers report that their requests are satisfactorily resolved within minutes
  • An experienced secure networking engineer can cost you $200K loaded labor rate, or $200 an hour
  • A firewall, router or VPN outage—even for small business—can cost thousands of dollars in productivity and/or lost revenue
  • TAC annual subscriptions are available for as low as $399

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If we know who you are and what products you have installed in advance of an incident, data shows at least a 25% reduction in time to resolution. Don’t wait for calamity. Get a support subscription today.

See what our customers are saying.

Steve B.

I cannot thank Netgate Support enough for resolving my setup issues. Steve went above and beyond to assist me in resolving my issue. Thanks to Steve My firewall is now working as expected! A great big Thank YOU!


Aisha K.

Support was on point on answering my queries and the hands-on approach was quick and easy.

Software Services

Steve W.

I was in a very tight jam and my tech stayed with me the entire time, was very professional, helpful, and encouraging. One of the best tech calls I've experienced in 30 years!

Consultancy Services

Kevin K.

Your tech support representatives answered my questions promptly and completely and even followed up with additional information regarding a planned purchase. Absolutely stellar support. I wish all tech companies were this good!


Alex M.

My experience with Netgate support has been excellent. Fast responses and pinpointing issues with very few questions. Well done.

Private Equity

James H.

The direct access to your tech engineers and the problem-solving they help me with is outstanding. I originally got a lot of push back on paying for Enterprise Support at time of purchase of our XG7100, and am very glad I justified the spend.

Creative Industries

Cason C.

The customer service was OUTSTANDING. I'm over the top impressed with the prompt response and resolution to my issue. You guys stand by every product you put out (your own or inherited). 10/10 you guys rock!! Keep up the amazing work!

Business Development

Griffin C.

Literally the best support I've ever had with software support. Issue was escalated seamlessly and at the exact right spot in troubleshooting. Props to Danilo Z! Most company support chats end with no resolutions as I usually know more than the agent.