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TNSR Pricing Overview

TNSR software is available on select Netgate appliances, both Amazon and Azure cloud marketplaces, and as a Bare Metal Image for 3rd party hardware deployment.

TNSR software is priced on a per-instance, annual-subscription basis and includes 24x7 TAC Pro Support. No bandwidth, feature, traffic type, or connection limits to worry about. All-in. Pick your appliance, virtual machine or cloud service provider (CSP) compute instance - and go.

Netgate Appliance

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TNSR software is available on Netgate 6100, Netgate 1537, and 1541 appliances - factory loaded and tested, with selectable support options. 

Initial pricing starts at $2698 with the Netgate 1537 and first-year TNSR subscription, and as low as $499 per year thereafter.

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TNSR is available through AWS and Azure marketplaces. Both marketplaces offer a range of virtual machine options to run the software - each with its own memory, CPU, storage, and networking profile.

Free 30 day software trials are also available.

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for commercial use. A no cost Home + Lab evaluation is also available for non-commercial use.

TNSR annual software subscriptions are available on a per-instance basis for use on your own hardware or virtual machine platform.

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Extended Evaluation

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Want to use TNSR software at home or in a lab?

TNSR Home+Lab is an extended evaluation subscription for non-commercial use in a home or evaluation lab setting using your own hardware or virtual machine.

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