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pfSense Plus Pricing Overview

pfSense Plus software is available on the full suite of Netgate appliances, both Amazon and Azure cloud marketplaces, and in virtual machine formats for 3rd party hardware deployment. Software pricing is simple and straightforward. No feature or throughput upcharges.

Netgate Appliance

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pfSense Plus is included at no charge when purchasing a Netgate appliance. Get a turnkey appliance, ready to install and configure in your network for as low as $189. Depending on the appliance, simply select your preferred level of memory/storage, TAC support, and extended warranty from available options. 



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pfSense Plus is available through Amazon and Azure marketplaces. Both offer a range of virtual machine options - each with its own memory, CPU, storage, and networking profile. Prices range from $0.01/hr to $0.40/hr (for pfSense Plus software) depending on provider and virtual machine option. Free 30 day software trials are also available.

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pfSense Plus software is available  by migrating from a pre-installed pfSense CE image to pfSense Plus software. For more information on this process visit our migration guide here.






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