High Performance, Inexpensive NGFW? You Must Be Kidding.

The NGFW market will grow to $4.3B by 2022. Drivers? Cloud appliances, SME adoption, and IoT / BYOD device explosion. A gravy train for NGFW vendors with specialty silicon, monolithic software, and “don’t try this alone” support subscriptions. Translation? Expensive.

Is there an alternative? Yes. It’s called an open-source NGFW. Huh? All of those complex DPI, IDS/IPS, app control, packet filtering, email security, threat protection / sandboxing, and traditional firewall features? And at 1, 10, or 100 Gbps speeds?

It’s closer than you think. See how these requirements can be met with open source software that leverages’s data IO performance, scalability, efficiency, and programmable flexibility for networking and security across bare metal, VM, and container deployments. And, best of all, prepare to have a “pennies on the dollar” discussion with your CFO.