Professional Services

Tailored to your networking needs, from architecture and deployment guidance to on-premises and cloud migration.

Business-grade networking poses inherent challenges, even when the network is confined to a single premise. These challenges multiply when a network extends to remote locations and external constituents. Designing and deploying a complex network that satisfies both technology and business requirements invariably requires a very high level of networking expertise.

Netgate® Professional Services can reduce or eliminate the need to retain staff, delivering the comprehensive networking expertise in designing and building a high-quality, business-ready network. Engage us at the level required, with internal IT resources managing the project in accordance with overall enterprise goals. We’ll not only deliver the expertise needed to engineer VPN connections across all networked locations; we’ll do so without allegiance to unnecessarily expensive networking, communications and firewall equipment vendors.

Netgate professional services has made the process of managing and updating our perimeter security an easy, no-brainer process.
Cedric Haibach MetStaff

Consulting and Implementation Services

For new, large-scale deployments, customers typically engage with us for an end-to-end implementation. We specialize in requirements gathering, solution design, installation support, integration testing, and go-live / production roll-out.

Firewall Conversions

For customers with an existing firewall looking to convert to pfSense software, we can configure your pfSense software to match the settings of your existing firewall product. We have experience with a wide range of commercial and open source firewalls, and extensive expertise and experience with Cisco PIX and ASA.

Managed Upgrades

Software upgrades often present unexpected challenges, significant risk and unplanned downtime. Remaining current is essential to remaining secure. We manage hundreds of production-level upgrades and over time, this has helped us develop an extensive set of best practices around keeping customers up to date with the latest version of pfSense software.

VPN Architecture and Deployment

Before you can begin to design a network, you first must determine your needs. What services must you provide to your user community? What are the resources you'll need? You have to take into account network protocols, applications, network speed, and, most important, network security issues. Another important factor your management will probably force you to consider is cost — you can't forget the budget.


Netgate offers in-depth courses for increasing your knowledge of Netgate products and services. As the primary developer, sponsor and official host of the pfSense project, we offer the only authorized training on pfSense software. When you need to maintain or improve the security skills of your staff or offer highly specialized support to improve your customer satisfaction, Netgate is your best choice.

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