TNSR™, an open-source based high-speed packet processing platform built upon’s Universal Dataplane technology, delivers compelling secure networking performance, manageability, and services flexibility at a fraction of the cost of big brand solutions.

Our newest release, TNSR Release 18.11, was driven by customer requests for deployment options beyond Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Netgate® hardware appliances (SG-5100, XG-1537 and XG-1541).

Release 18.11 expands deployment options:

  • TNSR for VMware ESXi (a bare-metal hypervisor that runs directly on server hardware without requiring an additional underlying operating system)
  • TNSR ISO for CentOS Linux, which supports installation on Intel-based third-party bare metal systems as well as existing Netgate appliances. As you might imagine, the ISO has minimum system specifications. To assist there, we’ve expanded the Supported Platforms section of TNSR documentation.

Beyond expanded deployment flexibility, Release 18.11 adds support for high-speed Mellanox Adapters, enabling appliances with high-bandwidth I/O capabilities to fully tap TNSR’s extreme Gbps packet processing performance per CPU core. In fact, Jim Thompson, our CTO, revealed at the Open Source Summit Europe back in October, 2018 that TNSR has achieved 100 Gbps router performance, and 40+ Gbps IPsec performance - on commodity hardware.

Finally, Release 18.11 adds a number of enhancements and code fixes to the efforts of upstream projects in the Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) and Internet Systems Consortium (ISC). TNSR leverages a number of open source technologies, and enhances them with our own depth of experience in networking and security to deliver the best secure networking products available. But, giving back is also a big part of who we are. To the benefit of all vendors and users seeking secure, fast networking, Netgate continue to actively contribute to the LFN and ISC, in addition to being the host of the pfSense® Project.

If you’d like to learn more about TNSR at large, here is a short video overview, and a product overview page. Ready to go deeper? Here are several TNSR secure networking applications:

Just after more detail about Release 18.11? Check out the release notes.