AWS Transit VPC

Netgate’s TNSR provides the most cost-effective and highest performance implementation of AWS Transit VPC.


AWS Transit VPC enables multiple Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) - either geographically disparate and/or running in separate AWS accounts - to connect to a common VPC that serves as a global network transit center. Transit VPC simplifies cloud network management and minimizes the number of connections that must be configured and managed. Further, owing to its virtual implementation, no physical network equipment - or physical presence in a colocation transit hub is required.

Private Networking

Build a high-performance private IPSec network that spans two or more AWS regions.

Shared Connectivity

Multiple VPCs can share connections to data centers, partner networks, and other clouds.

Cross-Account AWS Usage

VPCs, and the AWS resources within them, can reside in multiple AWS accounts.

Application Highlights

  • AWS enables three throughput options ranging from 500 Mbps to 2 Gbps (note TNSR scales as high as 4.79 Gbps on a single Xeon-class core - setting a new bar for Transit VPC throughput potential)
  • Transit VPC is implemented over a pair of connections for high availability
  • Leverages Netgate’s RESTCONF API for fast and easy configuration
  • TNSR supports hourly and annual subscription models
  • TNSR subscriptions include enterprise level support - leading to not only the highest performance option, but the leading price-performance, and lowest total cost of ownership option on the market

Application Details

Transit VPC solves a common problem by connecting AWS Virtual Private Clouds to one another. Use TNSR to establish high-speed, redundant connections between your VPCs.

Throughput options ranging from 500 Mbps to 2 Gbps are available - each implemented over a pair of connections for high availability. The stack makes use of the Netgate’s TNSR Secure Networking Software Platform, available through the AWS Marketplace.

TNSR instances are available on an hourly or annual subscription basis, with significant discounts applied to annual subscriptions.

The total cost per solution is based on selected AWS Transit throughput option, selected TNSR EC2 instance option, number of spoke VPCs, and optional AWS Key Management Service (KMS). All prices are exclusive of network transit costs.