Getting Started with Netgate

Netgate is an open-source driven secure networking company that provides high-performance and affordable appliance and software-based firewall, VPN, and routing solutions for the home, office, and cloud.

Our pfSense® Plus and TNSR® software products connect and protect homes, businesses in every vertical, K-12 and university educational institutions, local, state, federal government agencies and service providers all over the world.

pfSense Plus is a fully-featured firewall, VPN and router solution.

  • Ideal for homes, businesses, educational institutions, government agencies and service providers
  • Proven firewall (including IDS/IPS attack prevention, proxy, content filtering) and VPN and router feature set
  • Scales well to the limits of kernel-based packet processing
  • Traditional management via GUI and/or CLI
  • Edge or cloud deployment

TNSR is a high-performance VPN and router solution.

  • Ideal for enterprise-class businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, and service providers
  • High-performance router and site-to-site VPN solution
  • Extraordinary scale due to the power of Vector Packet Processing (VPP)
  • Automated management via RESTCONF API or CLI
  • Cloud deployment

Netgate appliances are factory loaded with either pfSense Plus or TNSR software - tested, packaged and shipped direct to you, or through one of our partners.

  • Ideal for customers who value their own time, energy, and money - preferring to entrust their full secure networking needs to the expertise and experience of Netgate.
  • Our appliances are carefully designed and packaged for desktop or rackmount deployment.
  • Lower network throughput / processing products are designed for desktop or other visually exposed locations - where aesthetics, heat dissipation, and noise level are important.
  • Mid-level throughput / processing products can be purchased for either desktop or rackmount formats.
  • High throughput / processing products are built for rackmount deployment placement in closets, data centers, or co-location facilities. 

View our Netgate hardware comparison page to do your own deep dive and find the right appliance for your needs.

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