High Performance Cloud Firewall

Astounding Performance. Management Orchestration. Services Flexibility.


Many IT professionals assume that security feature content is everything for today’s firewalls and performance doesn't really matter. But modern protection is impossible without high performance. And given trends like Zero Trust, heavy traffic encryption, and increasingly faster network connections, high-performance packet processing in support of firewall functionality is more important than ever. If the firewall doesn't have the horsepower to address core access control and security services at ‘wire speed,’ IT is forced to choose between application performance and an increased attack surface.

TNSR removes the need for a draconian choice.

Feature Richness and Virtually Unlimited Performance

Core firewall functions including stateful packet inspection, support for IPsec virtual private networks (VPNs), destination and source network address translation (NAT) and more are inherent to its design - at any line rate requirement: 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, 25 Gbps, 100 Gbps and beyond. It’s performance easily scales to keep pace with ever increasing network traffic volume - driven by cloud computing, richer content, and faster end user devices - and with breakthrough price performance.

A step deeper, TNSR delivers true 10 Gbps throughput - measured as 64 byte packets (84 bytes on the wire) or 14,880,952 packets per second - on a single Xeon-class processor core is here. The elastic expansion of cores easily accommodates large-scale routing needs to 100 Gbps and beyond - serving the needs of enterprise and carrier class networks alike - and with industry-leading price performance and TCO.

Customers concerned with the impact of compute-intensive crypto algorithms, or traffic mixes heavily weighted to small packets for modern applications, will be delighted by TNSR’s firewall processing power.

Network Service Orchestration Ready

TNSR is also fully prepared to integrate directly into existing or planned network service orchestration strategies. TNSR’s RESTful API also enables swift and straightforward insertion into existing network management infrastructure - slashing the operational costs of ongoing adds, moves and changes through modern orchestration. Network operators can easily configure and automate multiple network elements as part of a service definition. The tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone work of configuring VPNs, on-boarding remote branch office equipment with zero touch provisioning, or configuring security policies for data center applications is now handled with ease and speed - collapsing today’s expensive operational costs.

Service Expansion Flexibility

Finally, customers and service providers alike can attach offload security or networking functions while still preserving line rate packet processing - opening up a world of secure networking services and capabilities - keeping IT’s network infrastructure ready to address fast-changing business demands with home-grown or best of breed technologies.

Application Highlights

  • High-performance packet processing on commercial CPUs
  • Elastic expansion of throughput needs to 100 Gbps and beyond
  • Advanced routing, stateful firewall, NAT, and VPN features
  • Fully integrated open-source software stack including DPDK, VPP, CLIXON, StrongSwan and Free Range Routing
  • RESTful API enables modern orchestration through existing network management infrastructure
  • Services expansion flexibility - enables organizations to tailor traffic inspection, analysis and policy decisions to business preferences