On Monday, June 5, 2017, Netgate®, the host of the pfSense® Project, unveiled its new company brand, as well as an updated brand logo for pfSense software.

The pfSense distribution has been available as an open source firewall since 2006. As the undisputed leader of open source firewalls, pfSense now has over 600,000 installs - providing IT security for consumer, businesses, higher education institutions, and government agencies on all seven continents.

Not surprisingly, the pfSense Project is gaining ground commercially, owing to the overall IT open-source movement - especially as the security market comes to understand that the feature set, performance, reliability, availability, serviceability, and manageability of pfSense software is easily on par with leading proprietary commercial solutions, but at a fraction of the cost.

To that end, a growing number of larger customers have requested that Netgate offer support subscriptions that provide business assurance for needs including response time SLAs, support personnel access, professional consultation, advanced hardware replacement and training.

In response, Netgate has announced a new family of annual support subscriptions. And, to more closely align Netgate’s support subscriptions with the pfSense brand, the company redesigned both logos - Netgate and pfSense - to convey clear association.

pfSense remains an open source project, true to its heritage. But, as with any open source project that achieves a high level of success, there is a demand for business services, and Netgate exists to meet that demand.

There is no obligation to purchase a support subscription. Users are free to continue using pfSense software on their own, or through the support of the pfSense community.