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High Availability

The difference between failure and failover

Network administrators are expected to manage network resources to ensure optimal operations without degradation or disruption of services. Failure of non-redundant equipment in a critical system can cost thousands - even hundreds of thousands - in lost revenue, decreased productivity, and customer dissatisfaction. Your network needs to be reliable and a single point of failure can potentially lead to disastrous consequences.

Proprietary firewall companies would like to sell you specialty equipment, along with expensive licenses, providing a solution for you while putting a healthy commission check in their pocket. Then a year later, you have to repurchase the software licenses to run equipment you’ve already purchased. What’s worse, smaller companies may have to redirect a large portion of their IT spend just to maintain this proprietary solution.

pfSense® software running on a High Availability (HA) pair of Netgate® Security Gateways provides a simple, affordable solution. Since pfSense is open source, there are no software licensing fees.

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