TNSR Release 18.08 expands deployment options and high performance secure networking management automation

September 6, 2018 (AUSTIN, TX) – Netgate, the open-source secure networking company, today announced the availability of TNSR Release 18.08, now available on select Netgate appliances, as well as the Amazon AWS Marketplace.

TNSR is an open-source based high-speed packet processing platform built upon The Linux Foundation Projects’ that delivers compelling secure networking performance, manageability, and services flexibility at a fraction of the cost of big brand solutions. (Fast Data – Input/Output) is a collection of projects and libraries including Vector Packet Processing (VPP) and Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK). enables high-performance, low-latency, software-based packet processing applications and services to run on generic hardware platforms (x86, ARM, etc.) - deployed as virtualized servers, bare-metal physical hosts, or containers.

Driven by customer input, TNSR Release 18.08 adds the following features and capabilities:

  • Deployment on Netgate’s SG-5100, XG-1537, and XG-1541 secure networking appliances
  • NETCONF Access Control Model (NACM) management which enables command access per user/group in accordance with IETF’s RFC 8341
  • Expanded RESTCONF management and authentication capabilities
  • Support for industry-standard cryptographic accelerators with Intel QuickAssist technology, including the CPIC 8955 available directly from Netgate
  • Manageability and configuration enhancements to BGP, CLI, DHCP, DNS Resolver, NAT, NTP, and PKI

“TNSR brings our open source productization expertise to bear on high-throughput cloud performance and orchestration manageability requirements requested by many of our larger pfSense customers,” said Jamie Thompson, Netgate CEO. “We had always planned to port TNSR to appliances, but were surprised at how quickly the market wants that addressed. It signals pfSense customers are anxious to fully tap true 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, and higher connection speeds under demanding traffic conditions, for example, encrypted application flows. As well, our cloud use case demand is expanding fast, leading us to add application management capabilities - a good indication that the performance gains are clear, and that customer focus is shifting to deployment and operations integration.”

Netgate is the force behind pfSense®, the world’s leading open-source firewall/routing/VPN platform with an installed base of over one million active instances. Adding to the company’s long-standing belief in, and contribution to, open source projects, Netgate developers have contributed over 100 code improvements to VPP and DPDK in the last 18 months, in addition to over five years of contributions to FreeBSD.

Netgate offers free TNSR trials complete with installation, configuration and operational guidance. To learn more, please visit

About Netgate

Netgate is dedicated to developing and providing secure networking solutions to businesses, government and educational institutions around the world. pfSense - the world’s leading open-source firewall - is actively developed by Netgate, with an installed base of over one million firewall users. TNSR extends the company’s open-source leadership and expertise into high-performance secure networking – capable of delivering compelling value at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.