March 10, 2016 (AUSTIN, TX) Netgate®, the leading provider of open source security solutions, today announced the launch of the XG-2758 1U pfSense Security Gateway Appliance. The XG-2758 offers the next-generation in firewall protection. The pfSense® software comes tuned for optimal performance and provides feature-rich security services and perimeter security in today’s threat-sensitive business environment unencumbered by traditional annual contracts, licensing fees, or artificial limitations.

Powered by the Intel® Atom™ C2758 8-core 2.4GHz, codenamed “Rangeley”. This Intel x86 architecture is ideal for firewall application due to its flexibility, scalability and power efficiency. Enabled by Intel® AES-NI instructions and Intel® QuickAssist Technology, the XG-2758 features integrated networking for two Intel 10 Gbps Ethernet interfaces with SFP+ ports and four Intel 1 Gbps Ethernet ports with 1 port configurable RJ-45 or SFP.

The XG-2758 also comes with an optional PCIe x8 slot for additional Ethernet or other functionality. The integrated Intel QuickAssist Technology accelerator is capable of driving encryption speeds up to 10 Gbps, preserving processor cycles for application and control processing. With integrated Intel 10 Gbps Ethernet and fiber-ready connections, the XG-2758 is ideally suited to deliver fast, robust operation and leaves the PCIe slot open for additional ports or future expansion.

Jim Thompson, CTO of Netgate, said “the rapid increase of connected devices leads to the growing complexity of network infrastructure at the edge. This demands a more flexible network appliance that not only protects the network edge by offering security measures such as VPN, intrusion protection, content filtering and data encryption, but also offers a quick, easy-to-implement solution with efficiency in size, performance and power consumption. The XG-2758 is positioned as a 1U rackmount network appliance with DDR3 Memory support and a NIC expansion module for future upgrades and scalability. Its energy efficiency is ideal for entry level to mid-range edge gateway applications.”

The standard 1U rack mount design makes this product datacenter-ready for quick, easy deployment. It is ideal as an IoT gateway, a NFV solution, a MSSP, and IDS/IPS with optional packages to deliver a high performance, high throughput front-line security architecture.

The XG-2758 1U pfSense Security Gateway is now available at For additional questions about hardware configurations or application specifics, contact Netgate at +1 (512) 646-4100 in the US or email

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