Free zero-to-ping support, free VPN configuration and connection support, free direct assistance for first responder / front line healthcare agencies, and reduced pfSense TAC support subscription prices all introduced

March 27, 2020 (AUSTIN, TX) Netgate, the leading provider of open-source secure networking solutions, today announced it has introduced a number of free pfSense support options, and significantly reduced its pfSense Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support subscription pricing. The measures have been taken in response to a sharp increase in help requests from organizations - large and small - who are scurrying to get scalable work from home infrastructure in place.

Global protective orders involving quarantine, shelter in place, and work from home have led to a precipitous increase in demand for VPN infrastructure - both initial and expanded. Many are flocking to open source solutions for the benefit of speed, ease of use, and economics. pfSense software is the world’s leading open-source firewall, VPN and routing solution. Netgate - as the only provider of pfSense® products - is experiencing high demand for support services.

In an effort to extend as much help as possible, four changes to our support offerings are instituted:

  • Free “zero to ping” support for anyone running pfSense software
  • Free VPN configuration and connection support for small businesses, healthcare providers, and not-for-profit organizations
  • pfSense TAC support subscription prices are now offered at reduced subscription rates
  • Direct First Responder / Front Line Healthcare Professional Service

Details on each of the above service offers can be found in our blog post here.

“COVID-19 has left so many in uncharted territory,” said Jamie Thompson, Netgate CEO. “Our inbound support activity right now is dominated by users looking for guidance on how to implement a work from home infrastructure for the first time. Many others are scrambling to scale existing VPN infrastructure in light of crushing demand. pfSense software is a perfect fit for many in dire straits, so we’ve set up our own support “MASH” unit to help as much as possible. We can’t afford to make all support services free, but we’ve opened many services for the taking, and lowered our support subscription prices sharply.”

In addition to the above support changes, Netgate previously provided detailed guidance on how to implement a free, scalable VPN - with all necessary instructions and documentation - in this blog. Of particular note, this approach enables organizations to launch their own VPN service - alleviating any concerns associated with public VPN services (recording users and potentially leaking data).

For more information on Netgate’s response to COVID-19, visit our COVID-19 landing page, or contact Netgate at +1 (512) 646-4100.

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