In the last couple of months, I have been working on expanding the role of our engineers and support organization at ESF from focusing solely on pfSense® to becoming a “full-service provider” that can address and solve problems in conjunction with, but outside the immediate scope of pfSense. Our team has decades of engineering experience that can be leveraged to provide a much broader scope of services and support than we have provided in the past.

Two months ago, we launched our professional services offerings to the public, with no advertising and only responding to unsolicited inquiries from existing customers. The results have been overwhelming! So I wanted to take this time to officially announce our professional services and see how you might leverage our experience to your advantage.

To read more about our professional services offerings, please read our professional services page.

Finally, our organization is growing in a number of ways. Primarily in the number of customers we support on a daily basis. Brand recognition and community interaction are certainly looking up! Much of what we do and the business decisions we make is based in part on feedback from the community. I wanted to provide this opportunity to provide your feedback so that we may better serve you. Suggestions can be sent to While we may not respond to all, I assure every e-mail is read.