We are pleased to be collaborating with Christian McDonald to bring WireGuard back to pfSense® Plus and pfSense CE software in an experimental form. Christian approached our engineering team a few weeks ago to look for ways to collaborate on WireGuard, and we are pleased to work with him and share his results. Starting May 5, 2021, Netgate® will build and distribute this new code as part of the library of extensions that exist for both development and future versions of pfSense Plus and pfSense CE.

Christian started with Netgate’s open-source pfSense code for WireGuard management and adapted it to work without needing any low-level changes or extensions to pfSense software. This allows it to be built and distributed as an add-on package rather than requiring it to be bundled as part of a pfSense software update. The kernel driver component of Christian’s package comes from the net/wireguard-kmod effort in the FreeBSD ports project. Christian has done an outstanding job with documenting his journey, and we encourage the community to take a look at his YouTube channel. Please consider sponsoring him so he can continue his efforts.

This new WireGuard package is still highly experimental. Netgate will continue to monitor the evolution of this code and provide assistance when practical. We encourage all those who are interested to try it and provide feedback. Thanks to Christian for his work on this project.