Some people prefer a web-ui for git. Rather than expose our gitlab instance to the world via a web-ui, we’ve re-enabled access via github.

The process remains the same. You will need to agree to two click-through agreements, first the Contributor License Agreement (either individual or corporate), then the actual license agreement, wherein you basically agree that our marks are valid, that you’ll give credit to the project, and that you won’t call the result pfSense®, or anything else that is sufficiently similar to our trademarks to cause confusion.

If you’ve already been through that process, you’ve already been granted access to the team that can view the pfsense-tools repo on github.

If you haven’t put your github username in your pfSense portal profile, then we don’t know who you are on github, and the process won’t work.

Long-term, the goal is to eliminate the need for this repo. We don’t want to carry a set of discrete patches, and there are well-known examples of better build systems in the world. More on that in a future post.