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pfSense Software: Welcome Christian McDonald to Netgate!

pfSense Software: Welcome Christian McDonald to Netgate!

Welcoming new people to Netgate® is one of the joys of this job. While it’s usually something kept internal, we wanted to share this particular news with our Netgate and pfSense® communities and introduce Christian McDonald to the Netgate family.

Christian showed up on our radar a few months back when he eagerly stepped forward to take stewardship of the WireGuard® functionality in both pfSense Plus and pfSense CE. Not only did he quickly dive into the code - fixing bugs and making improvements - he set up a public repository on GitHub® and documented his work on YouTube®.  If you haven’t seen his videos yet, check them out on his YouTube channel. They are informative, enjoyable, and definitely worth watching.

Christian quickly gelled with the Netgate engineering team - offering positive insight and quickly responding to feedback. It didn’t take us long to figure out he had much to offer to pfSense software at large, and that strengthening our relationship with him could mean an even tighter integration with his work.  When we reached out to Christian with a proposal, he graciously accepted, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

In addition to his continued development on WireGuard, Christian will help us examine the modules available to pfSense software to figure out how to implement a solid foundation and formal API for improved interaction. This is especially important as we work to modernize and expand pfSense software while keeping the community around it vibrant. WireGuard will, of course, remain open source and available for pfSense CE, as well as pfSense Plus.

For those who have supported Christian’s work via crowd-funding, we encourage you to continue that via a donation to a charity of your choosing.  Thank you, Christian, for joining Netgate. We look forward to working with you!