A few months back, QNAP approached Netgate® with a request. A growing number of Virtualization Station users wanted more security for their “data center in a box” deployments. QNAP wanted a proven firewall and IDS/IPS solution for their customers and specifically wanted pfSense®. Today, it’s available directly from within the QNAP Virtualization Station store.

The combination of QNAP and pfSense is a win for the customer. Many SMB - and even SME class - organizations around the world aren’t ready to move their key apps and/or data to the cloud. They want to host those on premises, but still allow secure internet access required by their users - wherever they may be.

pfSense, the world’s leading open source firewall, is the perfect answer for QNAP NAS data center deployments.

Activation is fast and easy. Import the pfSense virtual machine into a QNAP NAS using Virtualization Station. Once configured, the “data center in a box” is protected by a robust firewall with intrusion prevention. It’s easy to administer and provides the security that pfSense customers have come to expect from Netgate.

Additionally, Netgate’s Professional and Enterprise Support subscriptions will soon be available directly from the store. One stop shopping. Security made easy.

Check out their press release for more details.