1.2.2 is now making its way to the mirrors. Only five changes from 1.2.1, but we did want to get these issues fixed and an updated version out there.

  • Setup wizard fix - removing BigPond from the WAN page on the setup wizard caused problems.
  • SVG graphs fixed in Google Chrome. The graph page used to not require authentication, which is how it works in m0n0wall, I believe because at the time the feature was implemented in m0n0wall that is the only way it would work. We added required authentication on this page, and while it worked in Firefox, the way it was implemented broke Chrome. Chrome is now fixed. IE believed to still be broken, and the only resolution appears to be not requiring authentication for the graph. We would rather break the SVG graphs in IE and tighten that down than leave it open.
  • IPsec reload fix specific to large (100+ site) deployments
  • Bridge creation code changes - there have always been issues when attempting to bridge more than two interfaces. This fixes several bugs when attempting to use more than one bridge.
  • FreeBSD updates for two security advisories on January 7, 2009, listed here. The OpenSSL one could possibly affect OpenVPN users, as discussed on the mailing list.

Most users on 1.2.1 won’t have any need to upgrade to 1.2.2. If any of the above applies to you, then upgrade to this version.

1.2.2 should be used for all new installs.


New installs


For information on upgrading, see the Upgrade Guide. If you haven’t upgraded to 1.2.1 yet, you can upgrade from 1.2 and prior versions directly to 1.2.2, skipping 1.2.1.

Note on Release Signing for 1.2 (not 1.2.1) users

The key for signing releases and its backup were inadvertently destroyed. This means you’ll get a warning that the release is unsigned, unless you are updating from a recent 1.2.1 snapshot. You can either just click through that warning, or install the Pubkey package you will find under System -> Packages. If you wish to update the file manually from a secure source, you can overwrite /etc/pubkey.pem.