The pfSense team has a Christmas present for you all - the 1.2.1 final release.

The only changes since RC4:

  • Fixed problem preventing RIP from starting
  • Fixed broken link in VLAN reboot notification
  • Fixed problem with SSL certificate generation

Changes since 1.2 release

This is a strictly a maintenance release, meaning it contains only bug fixes in the pfSense code, no new features. Though we also upgraded the base OS from FreeBSD 6.2 to 7.0, which necessitated numerous changes in how things are configured. The change to FreeBSD 7.0 brings improved performance and more hardware support.

Change log

cvstrac contains a list of every single change from 1.2 release to 1.2.1 release. For those interested in just the highlights (lot of minor trivial things in the full change list), see the RC2, RC3 and RC4 release blog posts.


New Installs

Upgrades - for information on upgrading, read the Upgrade Guide.

VMware Firewall/Router Appliance

Note on Release Signing

The key for signing releases and its backup were inadvertently destroyed. This means you’ll get a warning that the release is unsigned, unless you are updating from a recent 1.2.1 snapshot. You can either just click through that warning, or install the Pubkey package you will find under System -> Packages. If you wish to update the file manually from a secure source, you can overwrite /etc/pubkey.pem.