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pfSense® Software Wins A 2023 PeerSpot Tech Leader Award

pfSense® Software Wins A 2023 PeerSpot Tech Leader Award

We are proud to announce that pfSense® software has won a 2023 PeerSpot Tech Leader award! This honor is extended to just the top three solutions in the Firewalls category on the PeerSpot Buying Intelligence Platform. 

Thank you to each and every one of you for your support! Netgate is constantly striving to provide leading-edge network security at a fair price, as well as fund additional open source work that we upstream to projects like FreeBSD, the Linux Foundation, Clixon, and others that the community can benefit from. By supporting us, you are contributing directly towards these endeavors.

To highlight our deep appreciation for you, we are providing a limited-time offer on the Netgate 8200 MAX pfSense+ Security Gateway, the fastest Intel® Atom®-based firewall in a whisper-quiet rack mount configuration. 

From now until September 30th, 2023, you can enjoy a 10% Discount. Just use the discount code SUMMER8200 at checkout.

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Don't miss out on this powerful, flexible, and power-efficient security gateway. Combining the power of an 8-Core Intel Atom C3758R CPU with support for IPsec MB, QAT, AES-NI, and instructions which accelerate SHA, along with 16 GB of memory, the Netgate 8200 MAX provides:

  • Over 80% greater firewall and VPN throughput than the Netgate 6100
  • Double the firewall performance and over 70% more VPN throughput than the Netgate 7100
  • Complimentary 24x7 zero-to-ping support

More About PeerSpot Awards

Tech Leader winning products represent the best in their solution category according to verified reviewer insights and experience. Winners include the top three products in over 100 solution categories based on in-depth, verified reviews from real users over a 12-month period. The ranking methodology takes into account the number of reviews, views, and comparisons for each product, as well overall rating and words per review. These winning products represent the best in their solution category and the award badge validates their excellence. 

We’re happy that pfSense software has won this prestigious award, and it’s particularly gratifying when the recognition is based on the reviews of our community. You can get more details about the PeerSpot Awards here. Thank you for your continued support!