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Netgate Releases TNSR Software Version 23.11

Netgate Releases TNSR Software Version 23.11

Netgate® is pleased to announce the release of TNSR® software version 23.11.  Release Notes are available for review. 


Netgate TNSR is a high-speed (exceeding 100 Gbps) virtual router and VPN aggregator.  Businesses can deploy TNSR as a Netgate hardware appliance, Bare Metal Image, KVM and ESXi, or a Network Virtual Appliance on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. 
TNSR software leverages several open-source projects and Netgate value-added software.  Netgate integrates these technologies into an enterprise-grade turnkey software solution complimented by Netgate-assured testing, release packaging, and customer support.


Major Changes and Features

Remote Access IPsec (Mobile IPsec) support

This feature provides secure connections for mobile devices.  TNSR now supports remote access IKEv2 clients using EAP-TLS or PSK (Pre Shared Key) authentication.  Remote Access IPsec provides business flexibility, secures remote work, protects data, and facilitates regulatory compliance.

Supported Clients include:

  • Windows 10, 11
  • macOS/IOS
  • Android
  • Ubuntu

Radius External Authentication

Netgate has added external authentication using RADIUS.  This feature will allow granular enterprise-level authentication of appliance management.

Command output filters

Customers can now filter CLI command output using pipe commands and other enhancements.  Output can be more granular to help with management and troubleshooting.     

Core Technology upgrades

As a commitment to continual improvement and efficiency, we have upgraded essential elements of the TNSR Software Stack.


Upgraded VPP to version 23.06

Control Plane

Upgraded FRR to version 8.5.3

Management Plane

Upgraded Clixton to version 6.30

Installing the Upgrade

For detailed upgrade instructions, please consult the Netgate TNSR detailed Upgrade Guide on our TNSR documentation page.

We recommend saving a backup of the TNSR configuration prior to any significant change or upgrade. You will find Backup and Recovery instructions on our TNSR documentation page.

Netgate Support

This TNSR 23.11 software release is ready for use in production environments. Should any issues arise, please post to our forum or contact Netgate Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for professional support.

If you would like to discuss your needs or try a lab evaluation version of Netgate TNSR, please contact one of our authorized partners or our sales team