Today, Netgate is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our flagship training offering, pfSense Plus Fundamentals and Practical Application in a free, self-paced, online format.

The pfSense Plus Fundamentals and Practical Application course is designed to help our customers manage and maintain their network firewall, VPN and router using pfSense Plus as one of the core elements. This self-paced training will allow our customers to take part in real-world scenarios using virtual interactive lab environments while covering some of the most commonly used features of the product. In addition, participants will be rigorously tested on basic networking concepts that are critical to the success of their pfSense Plus deployment.

Access to the training course is free. We encourage everyone interested in learning more about pfSense Plus or about firewalls and routing in general, to work through the curriculum at their own pace. At the end of the course, an optional multiple-choice test with labs is available for those seeking certification for a small fee.

Today’s announcement marks another milestone in the evolution of Netgate. Hands-on training has been very important to us and to our customers. The ability to provide the same high level of training and a positive learning experience for our growing customer base in a self-paced format and at an affordable price point is exciting. We look forward to being able to serve a much larger audience with the changes we’ve made to our training program.

Network professionals who have earned the pfSense Plus Fundamentals and Practical Application certification have shown themselves to be knowledgeable and proficient in solving network-related challenges. This is a tremendous value-add for employers and customers alike. As the primary developer, sponsor and official host of the pfSense project, Netgate offers the only authorized training and certification on pfSense software. When you need to maintain or improve the security skills of your staff or offer highly specialized support to improve your customer satisfaction, Netgate is your best choice.

For more information on the pfSense Plus Fundamentals and Practical Application certification, please visit