Many of our readers are familiar with the Netgate® Intel® Atom™ 2-core and 4-core Dual-Ethernet MinnowBoard Turbot products. They’ve certainly been popular, and for good reason - ‘bang for the buck’. For processor-intensive small-frame traffic, these two systems rock. Take a look at this performance chart with Packet Filte

ring enabled:


Compared to the SG-2220, one of Netgate’s most popular products, the 2-core (MBT-2220) has a performance and price-performance edge. The 4-core (MBT-4220) further amplifies that advantage.

For any user who needs 200 to 700 Mbps internet connection and a firewall that does its job under reasonable traffic conditions, a Dual-Ethernet Minnowboard Turbot loaded with pfSense® software is the ticket.

Here is the better news. We’ve just dropped the price on the higher powered 4-core product from $350 to $299. For users who require higher internet connection speeds and improved traffic latency - it’s a killer.

In fact, we like these little beasts so much, we’re offering them with a ‘hot’ look for a slight upcharge. There are color options: black and black flame. Here’s a shot of the racy ‘black flame’ model:


These products ship bare from the factory. But included right in the box is a copy of pfSense on a credit card-sized USB-key - ready to load:


The process is simple and fast - and the instructions are right here.

Is there a catch? Well, yes. We only have a limited stock available. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. So, if you’re in the market for an SG-2200-like product with barn-burner price-performance, take advantage of either a Netgate 2-core or 4-core Dual-Ethernet MinnowBoard Turbot now.