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Netgate Announces Expanded Availability for pfSense Plus and TNSR Software on Azure

Netgate Announces Expanded Availability for pfSense Plus and TNSR Software on Azure

pfSense Plus and TNSR vRouter software from Netgate are now available in Brazil and Australia on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. 

Effective immediately, end users, partners and service providers that have an Australian or Brazilian billing address can start new deployments of pfSense Plus and TNSR software  via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

The availability of a product on the Azure cloud platform is affected by a number of factors, including taxes. The amount of tax that is due on a product sale can vary depending on the country where the sale takes place. Netgate takes its tax compliance obligations seriously and only offers products in geographies where it can be confident that taxes will be properly remitted.

Another important factor that affects where we can offer pfSense Plus and TNSR software is the status of the country under sanctions. Sanctions are government-imposed restrictions on trade and financial transactions with a particular country or entity. They can be broad, where the entire country is completely sanctioned, or targeted, where specific individuals or entities are prohibited from engaging in certain activities. In either case, we cannot provide products for use in countries listed by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), or by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) for our products.

To check for availability of pfSense Plus and/or TNSR software on the Azure cloud platform, navigate to our product listings on the Azure Marketplace:

Select the Plans + Pricing tab. Finally, click the link for “change the billing country/region” and select your country or region. Our Azure Marketplace listing will either provide you with pricing in your local currency, or will provide you with the message that Netgate software is not available in the selected billing country or region.


Netgate Azure Marketplace


If you are curious about pfSense Plus or TNSR software on Microsoft Azure, please be sure to check out our 30 day free trial! Click on the “Get It Now” button on the left side of the page (under the Netgate logo) and follow the instructions for a free trial.

If you are interested in pfSense Plus and TNSR software on Azure via private offer, please contact us at