Netgate® is the only authorized provider of official pfSense® training courses. We have conducted numerous pfSense training sessions online and around the world. We teach network professionals to use and master pfSense software and its powerful packages.

Our newest training course, pfSense Supplementals I, is a perfect compliment to the skills learned in the Advanced Application class. This course teaches the configuration and use of some of the most powerful and popular packages available: Snort, HAProxy, RADIUS-mOTP and pfBlockerNG. The next course is coming up on June 19, 2018.

George Phillips, Netgate’s Professional Services engineer, will be hosting this course for those who are interested in expanding their knowledge on the extensibility of the pfSense platform. His vast experience and easy manner make this a low pressure, high learning environment for the best results possible.

What’s covered

pfSense Supplementals I students will gain first-hand experience and knowledge in configuring popular pfSense packages, enabling them to significantly improve their network design and management skills.

“Take your pfSense experience to the next level and learn how leverage these great, next-generation firewall capabilities in your own networks!” - George Phillips

Snort - One of the most popular Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems is available on pfSense. Students will learn how Snort works. We will cover how to successfully install and configure Snort, its rules and alerts, and explain how to tune Snort to minimize false positives. Attendees will also learn how to make their pfSense firewalls application-aware using OpenAppID, which allows an administrator to filter at the application level, instead of just the usual 5-tuple technique.

HAProxy - The industry standard for software load-balancers favored by many pfSense users, HAProxy is known to be a very fast and reliable solution offering high availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP, HTTP and HTTPS-based applications. During the course attendees will examine multiple use cases for HAProxy, how it works, and how to configure SSL offloading or URL switching.

RADIUS-mOTP - Learn how and when to use two-factor authentication and mOTP with pfSense. This portion of the course will cover deployment and configuration of the FreeRADIUS package and mOTP configuration. Additionally, we will include a demonstration of configuring OpenVPN with RADIUS/mOTP for authentication and more.

pfBlockerNG with DNSBL - Learn how to deploy pfBlockerNG in multiple environments: from homes to businesses. Learn and master its powerful features for country blocking, DNS blocking via DNSBL, using custom feeds and blacklists, and more.

Each segment combines classroom instruction and live configuration, is held online and is taught in English. All training materials are provided. Attendees should already have a basic understanding of pfSense and networking prior to enrolling.

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