If you’ve been testing 2.4 snapshots and updates, you’ve already seen a lot of new features. You have probably also seen a new pop-up in the webGUI.

Trademark Policy pop-up

While the pop-up is new, the message isn’t. On January 27, 2017 we posted a blog Announcing a new trademark policy for pfSense®. This pop-up is a simple reminder that ensures everyone sees and acknowledges the trademark policy.

For our end users and customers, nothing has changed. pfSense Community Edition (CE) remains a free and open product available for your personal or business use. This is true if you buy hardware from us or not. This notice addresses those who take pfSense CE and sell it, infringing our policy while not giving back to the project and directly competing with Netgate.

At Netgate, we engineer, build, test, and give pfSense software to the community for free. Accepting the pop-up affirms your agreement and right to use, but not sell, pfSense software.