Back in February we posted a blog on how impending tariff increases might impact Netgate appliance prices. The US Government imposed tariffs on a variety of imported goods from China - including a number of hardware sub-components we use in our products - on March 2, 2019. We made no price changes to our products at that time. Another round of tariffs is now being imposed beginning September 1, 2019. As much as we’d love to shield our customers from trade war activity, we also have to run a business.

So far, the only Netgate appliances affected are the SG-1100 and the SG-3100:

Netgate Appliance Current Price New Price
SG-1100 $159 $179
SG-3100 $349 $399

The following appliances are not currently affected by tariff increases. However, that could change depending on continued trade negotiations.

SG-1100 and SG-3100 products in stock can be purchased from the Netgate store at current prices through September 15, 2019. So if you were near a purchase decision, now is the time!

Netgate will continue to evaluate supply chain options as trade and tariff activity progresses. If at any point there are opportunities to reduce prices as a result of tariff relief, we will pursue those as well.

As always, please contact our sales team with any questions.

Thank you for being a Netgate customer!