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Check out our new website!

Check out our new website!

The website just got a significant update! It's another step in our journey to better serve new visitors and customers. The site provides an entire new look and feel, including an overhauled menu structure that places significantly more information about our products, applications, and customer stories right at your fingertips.

One area of the site where we've invested heavily is greater depth of information around our products - pfSense Plus software, TNSR software, and Netgate appliances. On each software product page, you'll find a "Get to Know..." fold that provides easy access to Overview, Features, Performance, Technology, Resources, and How to Buy information. The features section provides a quick explanation of each core software feature, with links directly to our product documentation for those in search of more in-depth learning and/or implementation guidance. Our new Appliances page contains a handy comparison table with a set of product selection filters for narrowing down the best set of choices for your needs, as well as at-a-glance user profile, feature and performance data. Further, each appliance card has a link straight to our store - where full product specifications are listed, and where purchases can be made.

A second area of focus we think site users will appreciate is the move beyond pure product coverage into applications. This is an area we hope to expand significantly, recognizing the real value our products provide are the specific capabilities that customers need to securely connect their home, office, data center, and cloud locations.

Going forward, our goal is to add more how-to's, technology primers, customer stories, and vertical market solutions through easy to digest, and fast to absorb, written and video-based content.

We hope you find the new website experience fresh, fast, easy to use, and informative.

As always, if you have a question, please reach out to us!