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Announcing Our New TNSR Fundamentals and Practical Application Certification

Announcing Our New TNSR Fundamentals and Practical Application Certification

We are happy to announce the release of our newest certification course: TNSR® Fundamentals and Practical Application. This course uses TNSR software to provide you with the key skills you need for efficient network management and maintenance.

What is TNSR?

TNSR software is a cutting-edge, high-performance router technology that utilizes VPP (Vector Packet Processing) technology to achieve remarkable speeds exceeding 100 Gbps. With its exceptional data packet processing capabilities, TNSR serves as an ideal solution for businesses seeking robust and high-speed network operations. In light of TNSR's growing importance in the networking domain, gaining proficiency in harnessing its potential can provide network administrators with a competitive advantage.

The Course at a Glance

The TNSR Fundamentals and Practical Application certification course has been designed to cover a wide range of key networking topics. You will gain proficiency in Zero-to-Ping, interfaces, static routing, DHCP, DNS resolution, NAT, IPsec VPNs, VRRP, BGP, OSPF, BFD, VRF, and the RESTCONF API, among others. These subjects ensure that you acquire a holistic understanding of networking, enabling you to configure and maintain networks with confidence.

Our proven training methodology seamlessly integrates self-paced online study with hands-on practical exercises, creating a comprehensive learning experience that accommodates your individual pace. This approach not only empowers you to reinforce key concepts but also enables the application of acquired knowledge through practical engagement. Upon the completion of the study materials, should you choose to pursue certification, you will undergo a rigorous assessment process comprising a multiple-choice exam and proctored real-world scenarios within our interactive virtual lab environment.

Practical Application

The course not only ensures theoretical understanding but also provides a practical outlook toward network management and maintenance. It explores common usage scenarios, deployment considerations, and provides step-by-step configuration guidance. It also offers best practices for the implementation of your TNSR high-performance router, ensuring you have the practical skills needed to directly apply your knowledge to real-world situations.

Empower Your Career

Take your networking knowledge and career to the next level with our TNSR Fundamentals and Practical Application certification course. Whether you're a networking professional looking to boost your skills or an enthusiastic learner looking to break into the industry, this course provides a thorough foundation for mastering the art of efficient network management.

Start today and begin your journey toward becoming a TNSR-certified professional.

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