Netgate Global Support has arrived! Netgate is very excited to announce our new multi-channel enterprise support offering to all of our customers. We believe that this new support structure will take our line of Netgate® Security Gateway appliances with pfSense® software to the next level by increasing your confidence that your Netgate firewall is covered when you need it the most. 

With over 600,000 installs across enterprise, higher education, and government agencies on all seven continents, pfSense open source software has achieved a global reputation for providing the feature richness, ease of use, performance, and scalability required to address the most demanding commercial network security deployment needs.

Our customer base is diverse. Everyone’s priorities are different. Based on customer feedback, we’ve learned that customers are willing to pay to ensure they get fast, reliable support. Today, the overall experience is more important than cost. Our customers need to know they can pick up the phone or e-mail, 24 hours a day, and know that someone will be there to help solve their problem. Netgate Global Support is the solution they need. 

To be eligible for support, each install MUST be on pfSense version 2.3.4 or later. This is because pfSense 2.3.4 is the first version with the Netgate Device ID displayed in the System Information Widget in the dashboard. This is used to track support eligibility.

The new Professional, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus Support subscriptions are designed to meet the needs of any organization – public or private, large or small. Netgate Global support now has support plans starting at $29 a month (less than $1 a day), 24x7x365 enterprise-level support coverage with SLAs, and multi-channel contact methods including portal, online chat, and phone.


If you are a current or former subscriber to support incidents (our old support model), or have purchased a Netgate Security Gateway Appliance with pfSense software from us in the last 12 months, we wanted to extend an offer to you that can save thousands of dollars a year in support costs depending on the level of support purchased and the term length. This offer to take advantage of Netgate point-of-sale pricing on Global Support is only valid until JULY 15, 2017. E-mail for more information.

Note: Support incidents are no longer available for purchase. If you have current, active support incidents and do not want to transition at this time, don’t worry! Your incidents will remain in place and honored until they are used or expire.

Support subscriptions are on a per-install basis.


Netgate Global Support


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Contact with any questions.

* Advance replacement only applicable to new systems purchased from Netgate or its partners with an Enterprise Plus subscription applied at the point of sale