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SG-5100 Desktop Available for Pre-order

by Doug McIntire on August 21, 2018

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Netgate® SG-5100 pfSense® Security Gateway appliance, our latest Intel C3000 based appliance, which provides significant performance and engineering improvements relative to the SG-4860. The SG-5100 is a versatile appliance ideal for managing edge security deployments in multiple segments including: Small and medium business (SMB) Managed Service Providers (MSPs) supporting SMB clients...

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Win a limited edition MinnowBoard Turbot Dual-Ethernet

by Doug McIntire on August 15, 2018

Would you like a chance to win one of four Limited Edition Minnowboard Dual-Ethernet systems from Netgate® valued at $249.00? How about four chances? We’re giving one away each week for the next four (4) weeks. How to enter Netgate has published a pfSense® User survey and we’d like your feedback. The more we know about you and how you...

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The pfSense Book is now available to everyone

by Doug McIntire on August 08, 2018

Today we’re pleased to announce that The pfSense Book is also freely available to everyone. As we promised in a previous blog, all of the services provided with a pfSense® Gold membership will be made available to everyone by the release of pfSense software version 2.4.4. We’ve already made the Monthly pfSense Hangout videos available on YouTube, and we’ve announced...

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All pfSense Hangout videos are available free on YouTube

by Doug McIntire on July 30, 2018

On July 16, we announced that the services of pfSense® Gold would continue, but we would no longer be charging for them. To that end, we are happy to announce that the pfSense Hangout videos are now freely available on the official Netgate® YouTube channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe while you’re there. We’d like to thank Jim Pingle...

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pfSense 2.4.4 on a MinnowBoard Turbot Dual-Ethernet

by Doug McIntire on July 24, 2018

A little over a year ago, we announced the new SG-2320 and SG-2340 systems, otherwise known as the MinnowBoard Turbot Dual-Ethernet in both a dual-core and a quad-core model. We decided to withdraw them as a pfSense system due to an underlying FreeBSD issue with HDMI that we foresaw as a potential problem for many of our customers. You can...

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pfSense Software Version 2.4.4-RELEASE Highlights

by Ivor Kreso on July 23, 2018

The upcoming pfSense® 2.4.4 update will not only bring bug fixes and security updates, but many new and exciting features. We’re proud and happy to present an overview of the new features and changes in 2.4.4, just as we did in our previous highlights blog post from almost exactly a year ago with pfSense version 2.4. AutoConfigBackup is now free...

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pfSense Gold Free with 2.4.4-RELEASE

by Doug McIntire on July 16, 2018

Starting with the upcoming release of pfSense® 2.4.4, all of the services previously offered under “pfSense Gold” will continue, but will be free to all pfSense users. Read on for more detail. pfSense Gold is an annual subscription program that includes: A living digital copy of The pfSense Book (700+ pages) in HTML, PDF and other formats, available for immediate...

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XG-7100 Desktop Available for Pre-order

by Doug McIntire on July 03, 2018

You might have heard about our new XG-7100 Desktop pfSense® Security Gateway Appliance. It was mentioned in our May and June Newsletters. For a quick synopsis, read on… Like previous Netgate appliances, the XG-7100 is available as both a top-of-the-line desktop, and the entry model for our 1U rack-mountable systems. Like the XG-7100 1U, this desktop requires active cooling and...

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The Behemoth Router is Here

by Jim Thompson on June 14, 2018

A little over a year ago, I wrote a blog that explained the coming world of high-performance, flexible software-based routers. Seriously disruptive packet processing performance that could change the landscape of networking applications across data centers, the enterprise WAN, service provider networks, and customer premises deployments. No need to recount that here, the principles of the post haven’t changed. Since...

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Learn popular pfSense packages with Netgate

by Ivor Kreso on June 12, 2018

Netgate® is the only authorized provider of official pfSense® training courses. We have conducted numerous pfSense training sessions online and around the world. We teach network professionals to use and master pfSense software and its powerful packages. Our newest training course, pfSense Supplementals I, is a perfect compliment to the skills learned in the Advanced Application class. This course teaches...

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