TNSR Training and Certification

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TNSR Fundamentals and Practical Application


The TNSR Fundamentals and Practical Application certification course is a comprehensive program designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for efficient network management and maintenance, utilizing TNSR as a key component. It covers topics such as Zero-to-Ping, interfaces, static routing, DHCP, DNS resolution, NAT, IPsec VPNs, VRRP, BGP, OSPF, BFD, VRF, the RESTCONF API, and more. This course provides the opportunity to engage in self-paced online study, covering relevant materials, followed by a multiple-choice exam and proctored, real-world scenarios using virtual interactive lab environments for those pursuing certification.

The training curriculum encompasses the essential components of the base system widely employed in practice. It delves into common usage scenarios, deployment considerations, step-by-step configuration guidance, and best practices for the implementation of your TNSR high-performance router. Upon completion, you will acquire practical skills directly applicable to real-world situations.

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Prerequisites: Attendees should have a strong understanding of networking. A basic level of familiarity with TNSR software is strongly suggested.