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High-performance Software Router

Industry-leading price-performance, scalability, and solution flexibility for all edge, campus, data center and cloud router and site-to-site VPN needs.

Get to Know TNSR

Pronounced “tensor”, TNSR software is Netgate’s answer for businesses, governments, educational institutions and service providers looking for super-scale routing without the six-figure price tag.

What is TNSR?

TNSR is a high-performance software router based on’s Vector Packet Processing (VPP), of which Netgate is a leading contributor. TNSR software combines VPP’s extraordinary packet processing performance with Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) and other open-source technologies to provide a turnkey high-performance router which enables businesses and service providers to address today’s edge and cloud networking needs at extremely low cost. TNSR software starts at $999/yr per instance.


Game-changing Performance

Extraordinary router performance. Software-enabled. No ASICs or FPGAs required.

Up to 100x

faster packet processing (relative to traditional kernel-based processing)

Up to 10x

reduction in packet processing latency

Up to 10x

Faster connection setup

Who Can Benefit from TNSR?


Increasingly, businesses of all sizes and verticals recognize that high performance routing no longer requires expensive proprietary silicon or appliances. As well, many businesses are tired of software bloat, tricky feature or bandwidth licensing, and exorbitant support fees.

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Why TNSR Software?


Ultra-fast routing, IPsec Performance

  • Vector Packet Processing (VPP) breaks kernel-base processing economics
  • 5, 10, 40, even 100 Gbps, or more can now be delivered via inexpensive software on ‘white boxes versus ‘vendor lock-in’ hardware
  • Packet processing no longer craters as packets sizes get small, e.g., application traffic
  • Network interfaces no longer get cut in half, or worse, when hauling encrypted traffic

Management Flexibility

  • RESTCONF API enable each router instance to be dynamically configured and monitored with integrated automation
  • Command Line Interface enables users to type commands quickly and easily
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) service provides a means by which the router can be monitored by a network monitoring system or other SNMP-enabled software

Deployment Flexibility

  • Netgate appliance and virtual machine instances for remote worker, office and data center locations
  • Available on AWS and Azure for commercial and government cloud deployments

Prime-time Ready

  • Proven through significant customer deployment across demanding enterprise, xSP and government network environments
  • 24/7 access to seasoned support veterans
  • Professional services and training for specialized needs


TNSR software is available on select Netgate appliances, both Amazon and Azure cloud marketplaces, and as a Bare Metal Image for 3rd party hardware deployment.

TNSR software is simply priced on a per-instance, annual-subscription basis and includes 24x7 TAC Pro Support. No bandwidth, feature, traffic type, or connection limits to worry about. All-in. Pick your appliance, virtual machine or cloud service provider (CSP) compute instance - and go.

Netgate Appliance

TNSR software is available on Netgate 6100, 8200 & 8300 appliances - factory loaded and tested, with selectable support options. 

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TNSR is available through AWS and Azure marketplaces. Both marketplaces offer a range of virtual machine options to run the software - each with its own memory, CPU, storage, and networking profile.

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Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine instances enable TNSR software deployment on 3rd party infrastructure for customers preferring to source their own hardware and provide their own support.

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