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Contact our support team any time day or night, from anywhere in the world.

Support plan contact methods

We offer a variety of ways to contact our Global Technical Assistance Center (TAC). You can find the method that is right for you under the support subscription you've purchased.

TAC Lite

Open a Ticket (Preferred Method) [1]

Phone Support Not Available


Open a Ticket (Preferred Method) [1]

Phone Support Not Available

TAC Enterprise

Open a Ticket (Preferred Method) [1]

Call: +1 512-646-4100

NOTE: You must have an active TAC subscription for each unit in need of assistance. In all cases, in order to expedite your support request, please be prepared to provide the Netgate Device ID (NDI) associated with your unit and support subscription. The Netgate Device ID (NDI) can be found in the dashboard of the firewall GUI. The NDI is displayed in the System Information widget.

As an alternative, please provide the order number on which the unit or support was purchased. For pfSense® on AWS or pfSense on Azure an Instance ID will be required to validate support eligibility. For non-critical, non-emergency issues, a ticket is appreciated.

Community Forum

If you don’t have an active paid support plan you can get help, help others, and more on our community forum.