Platform Overview

Whatever your network performance, application, management and support needs, Netgate has you covered.

One company. Two platforms.

Netgate provides secure networking software platforms that enable customers to address firewall, routing, VPN, and other packet processing functions where they need them, when they need them - with extremely high value relative to expensive vendor-proprietary based alternatives.

We do this by leveraging open-source software and then adding our value through the necessary integration, testing, packaging, delivery and support that businesses, educational institutions and government agencies require for prime-time operation.

Our two platforms are pfSense® Plus and TNSR®—and they are fundamentally different. So which one is right for you? Let’s find out.

Between the two platforms, Netgate covers a wide spectrum of performance, application, management and support needs.

Packet Processing Scales to Match Any Need

Management Flexibility from Single Instance CLI to Fully-fledged Orchestration

Packaged for Deployment How and Where You Need It

Netgate develops, sells, and supports appliances on which our secure networking software platforms operate.

Finally, we provide our software platforms, not only to end users, but also partners - pure resellers, Managed Service Partners (MSPs), and embedded solution providers.

Contact us here to get help making the best platform decision for your needs, or to discuss partnership arrangements.