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Use pfSense Packages – Part 1

5 Robust Add-on Free Features for pfSense

With proprietary firewall software, add-on features require licensing fees that can quickly lead to un-forecast expense and lock your company into multi-year commitments via renewing licensing.

Open-Source pfSense® firewall software doesn’t rely on the "nickel and dime" approach when adding in feature sets to make it a fully functional firewall. Instead, pfSense software uses its status as a package-based system to manage these add-on features at no charge. Using a package-based system allows the base pfSense installation to remain small and provides users the option to install only the packages they need for their environment. You can access the available packages by going to the webConfigurator. From the System menu, choose Package Manager. From the new page, you will see two tabs: Installed Packages and Available Packages.

If you want to add features to your firewall, here are some of the most popular, and powerful, packages available for pfSense software.

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