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Purchasing and Supply Chain Specialist

The Purchasing and Supply Chain Specialist role is responsible for maintaining adequate raw material  and component stock for Netgate production. This role requires technical part identification,  organizational, and administrative skill coupled with efficiency, accuracy, and tolerance of volatile  workload. The ability to communicate effectively with many levels of inside structure as well as outside  parties is critical. The Purchasing and Supply Chain Specialist supports manufacturing and inventory  functions to facilitate levels of acceptable build performance and output to meet customer expectations  and company goals. This is an on-site position located at our headquarters in Austin, Texas.

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Department: Support     Type: Full Time     Location: Austin, Texas

Primary Responsibilities: 

  •  Assist management with all levels of material planning ensuring adequate supply and on-time  delivery including sourcing, forecasting, creating and monitoring BOMs, and monitoring  inventory levels;  
  • Maintain inventory stock levels to minimize disruption to build room productivity while  managing lead time, expedite costs, and excess volume;  
  • Coordinate and present weekly supply chain meeting with management;  
  • Provide supply chain data to NPI (new product introduction) processes and meetings as they  relate to Operations’ readiness in product lifecycles;  
  • Understand and coordinate freight conveyance for incoming inventory;  
  • Research, understand, and assign correct harmonized tariff codes (HTS), export control  classifications (ECCN), commodity classification numbers (CCATS), and Amazon standard  identification numbers (ASIN);  
  • Coordinate with production team to monitor and maintain inventory stock in warehouse  facilities including shipping supplies, international facilities, and build room supermarket  inventory;  
  • Work with management to create and maintain inventory dashboards;  
  • Assist the 1C ERP team in purchasing and inventory implementation and system maintenance;  
  • Assist the production manager/inventory lead in the RTV (return-to-vendor) process for  defective inventory not originating from the RMA sector;  
  • Assist production manager/inventory lead with audit receiving processes to ensure pack lists are  available and accurate for payables three way match;  
  • Assist management with inventory reserve and obsolescence identification;  ∙ Generate and submit requisition forms and purchase orders as needed and approved;  ∙ Maintain clear and accurate operations documents and procedures for reference and training  purposes as appropriate;  
  • Manage and transact eBay store;  
  • Assist the Netgate Amazon team with supply chain, inventory, and product page contributions;  ∙ Assist with facility projects as directed;  
  • Assist with dog entertainment and participate in recapture exercises upon accidental release.

Backup Roles

  • Inventory (receipt tracking, cycle counts, reconciliations)
  • Shipping
  • Cost analysis and inventory management reporting  

Minimum Requirements

  • Demonstrated ability to maintain and manage inventory, warehousing and vendor relations  
  • Proven performance in supply chain demand planning, scheduling and forecasting
  • Understanding of kitting and BOM creation/maintenance  
  • Proven performance in handling volatile freight scheduling demands and coordination of  complicated shipments  
  • Demonstrated professionalism – the ability to be empathetic, accurate, responsive, resourceful,  patient, tolerant and conscientious are required  
  • Past work experience in a manufacturing/eCommerce environment  
  • Demonstrated ability to work well in team environment  
  • Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time  
  • Ability to operate a computer workstation and standard office equipment  
  • Possess superior organizational and communication skills (written and verbal)  
  • Possess superior customer service and interpersonal skills including interaction with difficult  personalities  
  • Proficiency in presentation software such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint (and Google  equivalents)  
  • Ability to stand, walk and bend over, reach overhead, grasp, push and move, lift and/or carry up  to 50 pounds at waist height  
  • High school diploma/GED   

Additional Skills: 

  • Experience with computer technology markets and products;  
  • Experience with international tariffs, brokerage, and customs implications  
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and improve processes  
  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree 

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