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Product Marketing Manager 

Netgate is looking for a Product Marketing Manager (PMM) to collaborate closely with the Director of Marketing and help to establish and evolve the company brand and brand of our products.

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Department: Marketing     Type: Full Time     Location: Austin, TX

Product Marketing Manager 

Austin, Texas
Full-time position

Top Five Competencies

  1. Ability to Connect with People
  2. Ability to Write Well 
  3. Research and Analytics Skills
  4. Broad Marketing Experience
  5. Technical Understanding of Secure Networking (Routers, Firewalls, VPNs, etc.)

Skills You Need to Be Successful

To be successful in this role, you will need to be able to: 

  • Conduct customer and market research in the form of interviews, surveys, and secondary research
  • Analyze research results to produce data-driven insights, answering questions like “Who is the ideal customer for this product?” “What are our customers’ pain points?” “What features in our products address these pain points?” and “What is the best way to talk about these features?”
  • Write targeted, effective messaging to reach our ideal customers
  • Create campaign and go-to-market plans for existing and new products
  • Collaborate with team members to put plans into action 
  • Generate reports showing the results of marketing campaigns 
  • Use Hubspot Marketing tools

Impact You Will Have

As a Product Marketing Manager at Netgate, you will: 

  • Collaborate closely with the Director of Marketing
  • Help to establish and evolve the company brand and brand of our products
  • Provide much needed data on customers, industry trends, and competitors, which will provide the foundation for all other marketing efforts

Success in the First 6 Months Looks Like...

After your first 6 months at Netgate, you will have:

  • Completed a 30-60-90 day plan 
  • Conducted preliminary customer, industry, market, and product research and presented your findings
  • Created customer personas and a product messaging framework that will evolve as you continue to grow your understanding
  • Planned and executed your first campaigns in collaboration with the rest of the marketing team

Life at Netgate

Several highlights of Netgate culture include: 

  • We love open source secure networking
  • Everyone wears multiple hats at one time or another
  • Have an idea? Let’s try it!
  • We’re here to help the company grow and help each other grow
  • Please share pictures of your pet(s) 

Work Location

Austin, Texas, or ability to work remotely in sync with the USA central time zone.

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