TNSR Home+Lab

Get TNSR Home+Lab Evaluation.
No Charge.

Deploy today on your own hardware or virtual machine.

All we ask of you is two simple things: 
  1. Don't use it commercially.
  2. Be active on the Netgate Forum. Use others' knowledge and share your own. 
    Give us feedback to help make TNSR better for you!
What you need to succeed:
  • Experience working with a CLI (there isn't a GUI with TNSR)
  • Don't ask TNSR to be a firewall (it's a router, a very fast router)
  • Install on an Intel-based platform: 
    • Netgate 1537 or 1541
    • BMI, KVM, or VMWare (not HyperV, Proxmox etc.)
    • A supported NIC card (here's a list)

Get TNSR Home+Lab!