TNSR® software is a high-speed software router built on a number of open-source software projects. A high level diagram of the software stack is shown here:


Open Source Technology

Productized open-source software provides users with a compelling alternative to expensive and inflexible "vendor lock-in”.

While we rely upon open source projects to deliver secure networking value to our customers, Netgate is also a longstanding participant in the open source movement -contribute regularly and frequently to a number of projects via upstreamed features and bug fixes, as well as project sponsorship and stewardship. 

Vector Packet Processing's VPP propels TNSR software to speed gains of two orders of magnitude over traditional packet processing solutions. For a full explanation and deeper dive into Vector Packet Processing visit our VPP Simplified document here.

Data Plane Developer Kit

Provides Network Interface Card (NIC) and crypto Poll Mode Drivers (PMDs)


TNSR relies upon the YANG data modeling language for configuration and state data manipulated by the RESTCONF protocol.

Clixon for system management

Clixon provides TNSR software with a YANG-based configuration manager, with interactive CLI, RESTCONF interfaces, an embedded database and transaction support.

Command Line Interface

TNSR software uses a command line interface (CLI) for system installation, configuration and management.

RESTCONF for REST API configuration

TNSR software uses RESTCONF to enable web applications to access the configuration data, state data, RPC operations, and event notifications.

FRR for routing protocols

Free Range Routing (FRR) provides TNSR’s routing stack.


TNSR software uses strongSwan for IKE v1/IKE v2.


TNSR uses Kea to provide DHCP server functionality.


TNSR uses Net-SNMP to enable the SNMP protocol.


TNSR software leverages the NTP protocol for clock synchronization


Unbound provides TNSR software with a DNS resolver.


CentOS is TNSR software’s underlying operating system.

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