pfSense Solutions

Netgate's portfolio offers a wide range of virtual and physical appliances that provide affordable throughput and failover resilience.

In the Cloud

Netgateā€™s pfSense virtual appliance makes your enterprise-ready Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Microsoft Azure deployment cost effective, easy to configure, and scalable to your needs.

  • Lower your total cost with similar services at a fraction of the price.
  • Identical in navigation and features to hardware-based pfSense software.
  • Choose the pfSense installation and instance sizing that are right for you.

Amazon AWS Microsoft Azure

On Premises

When hardware is a necessity, Netgate offers reliable, low power consumption options to fit your requirements. When bundled with Netgate Global Support, you have 24/7 assistance available.

Small / Branch Office Medium Enterprise Datacenter Large Enterprise Cloud Perimeter
XG-7100 1U  
XG-7100 1U HA  
XG-1537 1U  
XG-1537 1U HA  
XG-1541 1U  
XG-1541 1U HA  

The VMware Ready image of pfSense software is available with a pfSense Gold Membership.

High Availability

High Availability (HA) is two systems acting as one in an "active/passive" failover cluster. If one of the systems fails or needs maintenance the second node automatically assumes the role of the downed node.

  • Highly recommended for mission-critical firewall functions and WAN access.
  • Prevents downtime by eliminating the security gateway as a single point of failure.
  • When configured correctly, it is a seamless failover and transparent to end users.

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