TNSR Education - Ep.01: Overview

Welcome to the TNSR Software Education Series. This short-form video series is designed to address questions commonly asked about TNSR software. We plan to release videos 3-7 minutes in duration at a cadence of one every couple of weeks. In these videos, we will cover a wide range of TNSR topics including:

  • Overview
  • Core Features
  • Underlying Technology
  • Why is TNSR “Open-Source Based”?
  • How is TNSR Software Different from pfSense® Software?
  • TNSR Performance
  • TNSR Deployment
  • Edge/Access/WAN/Core Router
  • Firewall
  • Site-to-site IPsec VPN
  • Large-scale NAT
  • Port Mirror
  • Cloud Connectivity

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If you have any additional questions or topics you’d like to be covered in this series, leave a comment below.

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