Fixing a Broken pkg DatabaseΒΆ

In rare edge cases it is possible for the pkg database in /var/db/pkg/ to become corrupted. In the unlikely event this happens to a firewall, it can usually be corrected by running a few commands to re-create the database.

Note that the following commands only account for the base system of a typical CE full installation.

  • Ensure that the package database directory exists:

    /bin/mkdir -p /var/db/pkg/ /root/var/db/pkg/
  • Force an update of the package repository data:

    /usr/sbin/pkg-static update -f
  • Force a reinstall of the pfSense base package and kernel:

    /usr/sbin/pkg-static install -yf pkg pfSense pfSense-kernel-pfSense
  • Refresh the php.ini and other files to ensure they are loading the correct modules:


If any additional packages were installed, reinstall them manually using the GUI if possible, or using pkg-static install -f as above.