Netgate Blog

What's coming in 2.0

This release already contains some significant new features. Among them:

  • Traffic shaper completely rewritten - now supports any number of internal interfaces and multiple WAN interfaces. This work is 99% finished and is working exceptionally well in our testing. Thanks to Ermal Lu├ži for doing the work, and the numerous people who contributed to the bounty to make this happen!
  • User manager - multiple administrative users can be created, with varying levels of access. Access groups can be defined to easily grant identical access rights to multiple users. Rights can be defined individually for each page in the web interface.
  • LDAP authentication - LDAP is integrated into the user manager so pfSense can authenticate from any LDAP server. Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDir have been throughly tested, though any LDAP server should work. You can even define groups in your directory and assign rights in pfSense to those groups.
  • Significant OpenVPN improvements - these are still a work in progress, more info to come.
  • Routing improvements - still a work in progress as well, but will allow more flexible routing capabilities.