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Update from BSDCan: attendees please read!

Hello from Ottawa! Our presentation Wednesday morning went well (we think), though we had far more material than we could cover in the 3 hours allotted. Unfortunately we had to skip the majority of the live demos we had planned. If you were in attendance and have any further questions, please find us here.

We’ll put our slides up within the next week.

Scott, Bill and I will be hanging out in the 13th floor conference room of the residence at UOttawa, for those who are here. You’re welcome to join us. In the evenings, we’ll be at Royal Oak or here on the 13th floor.

If you happen to see any of us at the conference later, please feel free to come up and talk to us. In between sessions Friday and Saturday and tutorials on Thursday I’ll be outside smoking (and walking around aimlessly generally), please feel free to come up and talk to me.